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22 February 2009

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Today is Alison’s last post! Thank you Ali!

“The purpose of the one true God, exalted be His glory, hath been to bring forth the Mystic Gems out of the mine of man–they Who are the Dawning-Places of His Cause and the Repositories of the pearls of His knowledge; for, God Himself, glorified be He, is the Unseen, the One concealed and hidden from the eyes of men. Consider what the Merciful hath revealed in the Qur’án: No vision taketh in Him, but He taketh in all vision, and He is the Subtile, the All-Informed!”


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21 February 2009

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“O God!  O God!  This is a broken-winged bird and his flight is very slow—assist him so that he may fly toward the apex of prosperity and salvation, wing his way with the utmost joy and happiness throughout the illimitable space, raise his melody in Thy Supreme Name in all the regions, exhilarate the ears with this call, and brighten the eyes by beholding the signs of guidance.  O Lord!  I am single, alone and lowly.  For me there is no support save Thee, no helper except Thee and no sustainer beside Thee.  Confirm me in Thy service, assist me with the cohorts of Thy angels, make me victorious in the promotion of Thy Word and suffer me to speak out Thy wisdom amongst Thy creatures.  Verily, Thou art the helper of the weak and the defender of the little ones, and verily Thou art the Powerful, the Mighty and the Unconstrained.”


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20 February 2009

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“The source of courage and power is the promotion of the Word of God, and steadfastness in His Love.”


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19 February 2009

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“Verily I am Thy servant, O my God, and Thy poor one and Thy suppliant and Thy wretched creature. I have arrived at Thy gate, seeking Thy shelter. I have found no contentment save in Thy love, no exultation except in Thy remembrance, no eagerness but in obedience to Thee, no joy save in Thy nearness, and no tranquillity except in reunion with Thee, notwithstanding that I am conscious that all created things are debarred from Thy sublime Essence and the entire creation is denied access to Thine inmost Being. Whenever I attempt to approach Thee, I perceive nothing in myself but the tokens of Thy grace and behold naught in my being but the revelations of Thy loving-kindness. How can one who is but Thy creature seek reunion with Thee and attain unto Thy presence, whereas no created thing can ever be associated with Thee, nor can aught comprehend Thee? “

The Báb

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18 February 2009

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“O Son of Adam! Seek fellowship with none until thou hast found Me, and whenever thou shalt long for Me, thou shalt find Me close to thee.”


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17 February 2009

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“Be ye sincerely kind, not in appearance only.  Let each one of God’s loved ones centre his attention on this:  to be the Lord’s mercy to man; to be the Lord’s grace.  Let him do some good to every person whose path he crosseth, and be of some benefit to him.  Let him improve the character of each and all, and reorient the minds of men.  In this way, the light of divine guidance will shine forth, and the blessings of God will cradle all mankind:  for love is light, no matter in what abode it dwelleth; and hate is darkness, no matter where it may make its nest.”


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16 February 2009

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Please welcome dear Alison as this week’s guest photographer!

“O My Servant! Thou art even as a finely tempered sword concealed in the darkness of its sheath and its value hidden from the artificer’s knowledge. Wherefore come forth from the sheath of self and desire that thy worth may be made resplendent and manifest unto all the world.”


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