every morn and eve

our guests

Starting December 8th 2008 a series of talented Baha’i photographers from all over the world will be contributing to Every Morn and Eve for a week at a time. Their daily photographs will appear along side Amy’s photos, as dear Leila is busy with a wonderful project of her own (having a baby!).

The quotes will be chosen by our guests.

Their photographs will be on the right side.


December 8th – December 14th: Ryan Lash

December 15th – December 21st: Elizabeth Sabet

December 21st – December 28th: Sarah-J

December 22nd – January 4th: Saleem Vaillancourt

January 4th – January 11th: Anjali Pala

January 12th – January 18th: Mehdi van den Bos

January 19th – January 25th: Kadria Simons

January 26th – February 1st: Sholeh Loehle

February 2nd – February 8th: Ronnie Yousefzadeh

February 9th – February 15th: Philip Blyth

February 16th – February 22nd: Alison Bird

February 23rd – March 1st: Leili Towfih


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